Monday, February 7, 2011

The Key Roles of Mass Media

1. The media supply information about important events (nationally and internationally). "Egypt Boosts Pay 15% for Government Employees" This is important information a salaries increase is the latest attempt to defuse popular anger amid protests demanding President Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

2.The media influence what we talk and think about (hit movies, scandals, politics, etc). "Most listened to songs of 2010" Everyone is influenced by music today, however for some people if its not in the top 10 they wont listen to it because its not "cool enough". This also happens with movies and books.

3.The media allow us to expand our personal experience (ex: safari adventures, war, famine).
We don't always get to experience for ourselves the things we'd like to, so when we watch things on T.V or read magazines we open our minds to those other things. Free The Chrilden came to our school last week and opened my mind to events happening in other parts of the world. they have to deal with so many everyday problems that people living in Canada and other well off countries don't have to.

4.The media show us the images we come to accept as normal (standards of appearance, language, behaviour). People tend to believe that everything we see on T.V and read in magazines in thought to be true. According to these things we are lead to believe that girls are as small as tooth picks and that all black people steal and kill other people. But thats not the case at all. all girls are different sizes and just because one black peoson did those things, that doesnt link every other one to it aswell.

5. Advertising and public relations messages reach us through the media (buy products, accept ideas). This kinda goes along with the saying monkey see monkey do, because when people see a famous person like Drew Barrymore using Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in the Commercial they all want to buy it to see if its as wonderfull as she makes it out to be.

6.The media entertain us.
the meida today is filled with thousands of shows that people love to watch for entertainment. for me i like to wactch One Tree Hill

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