Friday, June 3, 2011

Deconstructing a Visual

If Everyone Cared - Nickelback : In the first stanza of the song its talking about how happy they are to be together and how they thought it would never happen. Over all the third stanza is saying that if people were better to other people there would not be so much fighting and death. Next they are talking about how they are together and that they want to show the world that they made it and are happy, also show the world how to be happy. Then they start to relaize how little difference them loving eachother really makes to the world and wish they could show the world how great loving someone really is.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sexual Images in Media

This add shows Women as sexual objects, it appeals to people with dirty minds. Also it shows a sense of women being dominated. The second photo shows Male domination over women and how it is suppose to be sexy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Favourite Media

My favorite Media would have to be the Radio. To me the Radio has a very wide range of topics unlike other forms of media like magazines and such. On the Radio you can hear just about anything music Wise, rather then listening to a CD's and ipods where its just the same songs over and over again. You can listen to the Radio just about anywhere so no matter where you are you can always check in and see whats going on with the world and the weather. Some people may not like the Radio because its not a visual thing. Heres a few links to Radio stations that i listen to daily. K94.5 and XL96.9

Conflict Resolution

The characters in the conflict are both male and female, the main characters in the video are Jimmy Edwards and Keith Scott, some minor characters Peyton Sawyer, Lucas Scott, and Dan Scott. The role of Jimmy is the shooter, Keith is just trying to be the hero and save Lucas and Peyton. Lucas is trying to save Peyton because she got shot and Dan is going to kill Keith. The conflict was resolved when Jimmy shot himself because he was in the school to kill people them himself. However Keith was not suppose to get shot, Jimmy had no intention of killing him and he didnt. Dan his older brother came and shot him, then blamed it on Keith Violence used to resolve the conflict when Jimmy killed himself and when Dan killed Keith.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Characters in Television

The main characters is a fifty-two year old Caucasian Doctor named Gregory House who is played by Hugh Laurie.House is refered to as the anithero. He is Head of the Department of Diagnostics and specializes in Infectious Diseases, Nephrology, and Diagnostician. House's character frequently shows his cunning and biting wit, enjoys picking people apart, and often mocks their weaknesses. House accurately deciphers people's motives and histories from aspects of their personality and appearance. House best friend in the show is Doctor Wilson, Although they frequently analyze and criticize each other's motives, Wilson has risked his career to protect House, including having his job terminated in the first season. Here is a link the to House website.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


In this commercial there are many people however most of them are Caucasian and 3/4 of them are women. the ages vary from 20 to 80.

This commercial had a bunch of young people in it, in there early 20's most Caucasian and one black person.

this commerical has people of all dfferent races, and all different ages.

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Favourite Personalities

Gerard Butler
was born on November, 13 1969 in Paisley, Scotland. He has done eveything from film, stage, and television. Also he is a trained lawyer, Butler turned to acting in the mid-1990s with small roles in productions such as the James Bond films and Tomorrow Never Dies. He was in countless movie, some you may know are: P.S. I Love You, The Ugly Truth, Gamer, 300, Law Abiding Citizen, and The Bounty Hunter and many more.

A sample of his work would be the trailer for law abiding citizen.

Olivia Wilde

Was born Olivia Jane Cockburn, she was bron March 10, 1984 in New York City.Olivia
is an American actress and model. She began acting in the early 2000s, and has since appeared in a number of film and television parts. Some movie she was in are: Tron: Legacy, Year One, The Girl Next Door, and Alpha Dog. A few television shows she in are House and The O.C.

Here is a clip from the moiveTron: Legacy

Monday, March 28, 2011

Finger Eleven!

Any Moment Now Finger Eleven has been together for 20 years, they are from Burlington, Ontario, and came together in high school as a funk-styled band who was originally named Rainbow Butt Monkeys. However, the name was dropped by the time the first album came along. The band is now made up of Scott Anderson Lead vocals, James Black Lead guitar, Rick Jackett Rhythm guitar, Sean Anderson Bass guitar and Rich Beddoe on Drums/percussion. They relaized thier first album in 1998 called Tip. They have five all together, the newest one is called Life Turns Electric. Famous Last Words Lost My Way Even though Finger Eleven is infact a Canadian Band they do not show their Canadianship very well. Their songs do not mention anything about them being Canadian or they don’t sing about where there from. They have toured to many different location in Canada like; Vancover, Ontario, Quebec, Toronto, Alberta, Montreal and many other places. Althought Finger Eleven does not protray thier Canadianship all that much they continue to keep fans entertained and wanting more.

Living A Dream

Paralyzer is a one of Finger Eleven's top songs, it was released in 2007 on thier fifth album "Them vs. You vs. Me." The song recived airplay in both the United States and Canada. It was preformed live on March 14, 2007 on the night show with Jay Leno.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Does Violence Make for Good Entertainment?

The violence in the movie is what makes the movie good because everyone enjoys watching a good fight scene. Most people prefer those type of movies compared to others. A lot of movies are jam packed with violence from start to end and it just becomes to much. Even though this movie does have a lot its all to go along with the storyline of two guys becoming supervillans who are really superheros. so they have to fight and cause some trouble but only to make the other guys scared. In my opnion an action movie can not be peoduced without at least some violence becuase to those poeple who love to watch action movies its because the word action to them means violence of some sort. The two reasons involved in the movie are: Movies, by their very nature, are about movement, and some of the most exciting kinds of movement involve violence and Movies are made with a young audience in mind.

Another movie that has violence is Troy this movie is an Historically flim. people want to know what happened in the past and they only way we can really do that is by a moive. all the fighting in this moive needs to be there so that people can understand what happend years ago. This moive has just the right amount of fighting, where most moives have to much blood and gore this one didnt.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nielson Report How Teens Use Media

One thing that surprised me in the list of comments was "I received 40 texts since we started doing this - in 15 minutes" this was shocking because thetas a lot of texts to get and reply to in that period of time. Another comment that surprised me was "I haven't turned on my TV in over three years" I don't think I could live without my TV because most of my spire time is spent watching TV.

One that I have in common with the report results is that "I have to watch TV to fall asleep" this is because if I'm just laying there in the dark I'll think about stuff instead of sleeping, but if the TVs on I'll just listen and sleep. I also agree with the person who said "I google everything" because whenever I want to know something the people I'm around usually can't tell me, so I'll just google it.

If I were to do a survey I would do it one the two points I said I have in common "I have to watch TV to fall asleep" and "I google everything". I would survey high school students.

Monday, February 14, 2011


The Phonographic Aspect
I would view this blog again, I enjoyed the photos and they were well organized so it wasn't hard to look at. It is very clear what they author is blogging about. The color scheme was a bit boring, but the opening photo was nice.

Out Law Poetry
This blog had a some nice poems however some were way to long that you lost interest by the time you got to the end. it had a good design but the colors could have been for vibrent. it was not hard to navigate through.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Key Roles of Mass Media

1. The media supply information about important events (nationally and internationally). "Egypt Boosts Pay 15% for Government Employees" This is important information a salaries increase is the latest attempt to defuse popular anger amid protests demanding President Hosni Mubarak's ouster.

2.The media influence what we talk and think about (hit movies, scandals, politics, etc). "Most listened to songs of 2010" Everyone is influenced by music today, however for some people if its not in the top 10 they wont listen to it because its not "cool enough". This also happens with movies and books.

3.The media allow us to expand our personal experience (ex: safari adventures, war, famine).
We don't always get to experience for ourselves the things we'd like to, so when we watch things on T.V or read magazines we open our minds to those other things. Free The Chrilden came to our school last week and opened my mind to events happening in other parts of the world. they have to deal with so many everyday problems that people living in Canada and other well off countries don't have to.

4.The media show us the images we come to accept as normal (standards of appearance, language, behaviour). People tend to believe that everything we see on T.V and read in magazines in thought to be true. According to these things we are lead to believe that girls are as small as tooth picks and that all black people steal and kill other people. But thats not the case at all. all girls are different sizes and just because one black peoson did those things, that doesnt link every other one to it aswell.

5. Advertising and public relations messages reach us through the media (buy products, accept ideas). This kinda goes along with the saying monkey see monkey do, because when people see a famous person like Drew Barrymore using Covergirl Smoky Shadow Blast in the Commercial they all want to buy it to see if its as wonderfull as she makes it out to be.

6.The media entertain us.
the meida today is filled with thousands of shows that people love to watch for entertainment. for me i like to wactch One Tree Hill

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Media Literacy & Your Expectations

One of the most important parts of the first video is, that Media Literacy is not just about analyzing the Media, its also about accessing and creating the media. Also to teach people to be more critical towards the Media and to be more powerful media producers.
The second video talks about the five core questions of media literacy, they are: who sent this message, what techniques are used to attack my attention, how might other people understand this message, what values are responded in or omitted from this message and why was the message sent. It also talks about how people are not taught about racism and how people need to work together instead of against each other then we would be able to talk about things and make dissections.
A few things i would like to learn about all the stereotyping and racism behind Disney. Also how much the internet is becoming the first thing people go to.