Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nielson Report How Teens Use Media

One thing that surprised me in the list of comments was "I received 40 texts since we started doing this - in 15 minutes" this was shocking because thetas a lot of texts to get and reply to in that period of time. Another comment that surprised me was "I haven't turned on my TV in over three years" I don't think I could live without my TV because most of my spire time is spent watching TV.

One that I have in common with the report results is that "I have to watch TV to fall asleep" this is because if I'm just laying there in the dark I'll think about stuff instead of sleeping, but if the TVs on I'll just listen and sleep. I also agree with the person who said "I google everything" because whenever I want to know something the people I'm around usually can't tell me, so I'll just google it.

If I were to do a survey I would do it one the two points I said I have in common "I have to watch TV to fall asleep" and "I google everything". I would survey high school students.

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