Monday, March 21, 2011

Does Violence Make for Good Entertainment?

The violence in the movie is what makes the movie good because everyone enjoys watching a good fight scene. Most people prefer those type of movies compared to others. A lot of movies are jam packed with violence from start to end and it just becomes to much. Even though this movie does have a lot its all to go along with the storyline of two guys becoming supervillans who are really superheros. so they have to fight and cause some trouble but only to make the other guys scared. In my opnion an action movie can not be peoduced without at least some violence becuase to those poeple who love to watch action movies its because the word action to them means violence of some sort. The two reasons involved in the movie are: Movies, by their very nature, are about movement, and some of the most exciting kinds of movement involve violence and Movies are made with a young audience in mind.

Another movie that has violence is Troy this movie is an Historically flim. people want to know what happened in the past and they only way we can really do that is by a moive. all the fighting in this moive needs to be there so that people can understand what happend years ago. This moive has just the right amount of fighting, where most moives have to much blood and gore this one didnt.

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